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Why the Name Greater Than Financial? For Purpose

Family PhilosophyGreater Than Financial | By Wakefield Hare | Fri Jan 01 2016

So many problems in the world, so many reasons to be pessimistic. No need for an exhaustive list, you’re familiar with the darkness, it’s all around us. And there you sit as a parent in the 21st Century wondering what kind of world you brought kids into, feeling helpless to truly make a difference and find prupose in this daily chaos. That helpless feeling is one of the worst. You can identify the problems, but there’s nothing you can do. We think “it’s out of my control” or “how could I really make a difference?” And you’re right, the solutions to the world’s problems, our country’s problems, or even our local communities’ problems seem much bigger than you or me. However, we are not helpless.

We do have the power to change what needs to be changed, but the scope of the issues put us at a significant disadvantage. It means we must use every resource at our disposal to make our impact. We can’t afford more hapless attempts that merely bounce off the armor of the problems we face. It’s time to be strategic. We may not be world leaders or even community leaders, but we do hold the keys to hope for our children’s and children’s children’s world. Which is exactly our advantage. While there are countless forces beyond our control, we do have direct access to one of the most, if not the most, powerful forces in the universe: the lives and minds of our children. Walt Disney claimed, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” And by who or what are those minds most influenced? Those they are closest to: their family. A family always has and always will be the bedrock of healthy societies. And he who holds the hearts and minds of a family holds the keys to the future. So we find ourselves in possession of a power with unmeasurable potential, holding the keys to the future, and yet we’ve buried the keys in life’s junk drawer while we flip on the game or hop on Facebook. Our lack of motivation to lead our family doesn’t seem like a threat because it seems we are too insignificant to really make a difference. It’s time to start seeing that kind of thinking for what it really is: a lie. We have merely lacked engagement and failed to take advantage of the one thing we have the most influence over. That is why I created Greater Than Financial. You see, every conversation about your resources (money) is really a conversation about what’s important to you. If we can make it simpler for you to use your resources to lay a healthy foundation for our families on which to flourish, our families will mature into productive engaging forces in our world. If enough families live with that kind of purpose we will see the positive repercussions move throughout our society.

How will Greater Than Financial be able to move families to live with such a purpose? First, eliminate the noise and distractions that paralyze us from moving our families to something greater. What would happen to your family if it became crystal clear what’s truly important to you? Why hasn’t that happened for you yet? Because in the hustle of life, you barely get time to slow down enough to eat and briefly talk together, let alone think about the bigger picture.

You need an intentional intervention, which is exactly what I plan to provide. If a family gets professional, expert help to first determine what’s truly important to them. The next step is to make a plan on how to most efficiently accomplish that purpose, clearing the path for achieving something significant. It’s a simple strategy, but with it, I think we have all we need to impact this world.

If I live to work an average length career, I’m not even out of the 1st quarter yet. So with most of the game ahead of me, I’ve realized something. If I spend my time simply helping people manage investments the potential impact will always be limited. But if I spend my time helping move families to train up their children and set the stage for world impact, that sounds like an adventure of a lifetime.

That’s why the name of this company is Greater Than Financial. I see the potential impact of the conversations I plan on having being far greater than only financial. I honestly see them as being eternal, which is the highest purpose I can imagine.