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Wakefield Hare is the founder of Greater Than Financial. With over 12 years of investment management and financial planning, and over 15 years working with families with teenagers through Young Life, he has a unique ability to layer technical planning expertise on top of insightful communication. Wakefield is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, a designation he earned in 2010. Wakefield is an active member of the 2 most reputable fee-only financial planning organizations in the world: the XY Planning Network and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). Wakefield and his wife, Sara, live with their family in Northwest Missouri. They are passionate about seeking the truth in all things, including who we are and what satisfies people long term. Wakefield believes people have all they need for full life, yet most feel something’s missing. So much of our lives are but a shadow of what they could be because of waste. The effective application of financial planning principles can fix that. Finance is about discovering the best and highest use for all that we have, including our money, our skills, our time, and our energy. Finance, done right, equals more life. Life that is greater than what we are currently living. Those thoughts spurred Wakefield to create Greater Than Financial and give the company its mission: Give accurate and timely information to make it simple for families to live fully.