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What I Control During the Next Presidential Administration

Greater Than Financial | By Wakefield Hare | Wed Nov 11 2020

What media sources do you let in? Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal? What about social media? How often are you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? How do you feel after spending time with any of those media sources? How much of what you saw or heard impacts the things that are most important to your well-being?

The most important part of the next 4 years isn’t the president of the USA. The most important part of the next 4 years is you. And even more particularly, the most important part of the next 4 years is your mindset

Even if you find that the winning administration is going to impose new policy that directly changes your life, it becomes even more important for you to focus on the things that you can control, like your mindset and your ability to produce value for others.

And there lies your and my greatest power of the next 4 years. And the next 40 years.  Relentlessly find ways to produce value for others.

It’s not only the powerful mindset after the “most critical election in our lifetime” has ended. It’s also the most powerful mindset for your financial plan, and therefore, your life! If you relentlessly pursue ways to produce value for others, there are very few circumstances I can think of where your problems don’t go away.

“But I just lost my job!”

Who said your job was the only way to produce value? In fact, your free time may give you the kind of freedom you needed to see that your “job” was a very shallow way of expressing your ability to produce for others.

“But I’m just a student!”

Yes! Students who are truly trying to learn new things (or in “discovery mode” as I like to call it) have so many opportunities to enhance their value to the world. And they are typically the most flexible to shift to a more valuable way to serve if their current path isn’t productive. “But I just got diagnosed with….”

That hurts! But your new restrictions as you try to battle back to physical health come with some very unique opportunities that most humans simply can’t do. The most valuable of which is the forced slow down in your life that will increase your awareness of the most productive thing a human can ever do…..which is to truly connect with another human.

I’m sure it hurts if “your” candidate didn’t win this week. And hope you can live off the high for at least a couple weeks if “your” candidate was victorious. It’s likely we’re all overreacting this week. So let’s all start focusing on this: how can I serve and produce for others? You’ll never go wrong, no matter who is in DC or your state capitol.