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The Best is Yet to Come

Greater Than Financial | By Wakefield Hare | Fri Jun 24 2022

I love everything about that phrase. It may have lost a bit of its luster for those closest to me because I use it so often. I can’t help it, those 6 words lay at the foundation of my life. They have a lot to say about your life as well.

 The 6 words have 4 attributes which make it profound. The first and most evident is what it says about the future. Those words are the epitome of optimism. There’s only one alternative to optimism. And pessimism implies that life is mostly outside of your control, which is a defeated and false way to live.

 The second is what those words say about the past, or more appropriately, what they don’t say about the past. There is no implication in that phrase of whether the past we’ve come from was incredible or terrible.  

 Some are thinking “the best better be coming because I've already been through hell and back” while others are worried they've already used up their good years as if it’s a finite resource. 

 But “the best is yet to come” puts those who've been through hell at the same starting line as those who have never felt better. In light of these words, our past is not the primary determinant of our future. It does matter, but not as much as we like (or don’t like) to think.

The third quality is the use of the word best. The definition gives us all we need to know: of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality. There is no room here for decent, pretty good, or half-heartedness. The best trumps all.

 The last powerful characteristic of this adage is that it is certain. The best is coming, there is no might or maybe. If you believe that phrase in the depth of your being, then it becomes your reality. If the best isn’t here yet, it means you simply have to hold on a bit longer, and it will soon arrive.

 Granted, this will not be everyone's reality. In fact, many will simply refuse to believe it. My heart breaks for them because I can see clearly what they’re missing out on. And it’s really good.

 As for me and my family, the “best is yet to come” is our reality which makes it a truth in our lives, and that sets my heart on fire.

 You and I were created for a purpose. I hope you see that.  That purpose often gets lost in this dark chaotic world.  Our adventure is cutting through the darkness to win back the purpose we were created for.  I have a lot of thoughts on how we can adventure well together.

 In the meantime, we don't need to complicate it. It's as simple as it's ever been and it's as simple as it ever will be. Repeat it to yourself hundreds, better yet, thousands of times:

 The best is yet to come.