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Live a Rich Life: Hosting an Exchange Student

Family Philosophy | By Wakefield Hare | Tue Jul 09 2019

In June, one of the most incredible experiences of Sara and I’s lives came to an end. But we couldn’t be more excited. How could that be? While watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, Sara and I decided to research Young Life’s exchange student program called Amicus. We had heard about the program via email for about 6 months and it sparked our interest. So when we saw the international parade of the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies, we thought, “let’s take a real look at this!” A few days later, we had picked a 16 year old from Germany to live with us for 10 months! It was an adventure for all of us, and one that we are excited to share via the interview with Annika in the above video. Please watch it! These are the kinds of experiences that don’t help your net worth, but definitely help you live a rich life. And what’s the point of our money if it’s not helping us live richly? Having an extra person in our household for nearly a year has a financial, time and energy cost. But it was SO worth it because our family now has a relationship with Annika that is priceless! She is forever part of our family and we will never forget her, her gracious heart, and the memories we shared together. Be sure to take time to reflect on the opportunities you may be missing to trade in some of your skills, time, energy AND money for a rich life. A life that is **_greater than_** what you or any others have been living! Amicus was a great example of an opportunity we very well could have missed, but are so grateful we didn’t.